Company THOUSAND inc.
Founded 2018.5.1
CEO Takuya Chiba
Address 16-2 Daikanyama Shibuya Tokyo
Hachiman Building 4F

THOUSAND is a Tokyo based creative production agency that publishes Silver Magazine and creates photos, videos, websites, and experiences.

Energizing the world with cool, cute and fun.


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Energize society through Cool, Cute, and Fun

Create something that can change someone’s life
Increase unique and fun people in the world
Question existing values, create new ones

THOUSAND’s Idea of Cool & Cute
・Having a story
・Originality and personality
・Being loved across generations
・Glamorous and positive
・Beautiful design and visuals

THOUSAND’s Idea of Fun
・Involving many different people
・Imagining an exciting future
・Sharing values with peers


Japan’s world-class fashion and culture,
No.1 Creative Company

Create the most influential concept work, storytelling,
and visuals related to fashion culture


The work should have a dream and future
Create work that is unswayed
The work itself will become history
Make sure that employees take pride in their work
Ensure that employees can live happily