Spring Summer 2020 Web Campaign

Motofumi “Poggy” Kogi

Fashion Curator

Kogi Motofumi is one of the most extraordinary fashion curators representing Japan. He has directed the boutiques “UNITED ARROWS & SONS” and “2G”, which has always attracted attention from fashion lovers around the world. The fashion style he values is tailoring and street. With an academic approach to fashion and deep knowledge of the style born from street culture, he mixes fashion in an original way that is his own. Kogi states that C.P. COMPANY is very reminiscent of one of his favourite fashion styles, “Paninari.” “In the 80s, young Italian people were influenced by American culture and preferred casual brands, forming the style we know today as Paninari. I have a strong impression that they were wearing C.P. COMPANY with American casual brands.” Combining influence from the craftsmen quality of clothing made in Italy with 80’s American casual fashion, a casual Italian style was born. “It’s the moment when the charm of casual clothes and Italian skill was combined. One of the brands born of this era, C.P. COMPANY, also influenced people in the Japanese fashion industry. Nowadays, street brands from Italy are gaining worldwide popularity because of their combination of street ideas and Italian quality. “I think that the one of pioneer of that movement is Massimo Osti, the founder of C.P. COMPANY.” The historical moment of combining American and Italian clothing seems to have a special place in Kogi’s mind, whose theme is the pursuit of tailoring and street. The series of Military Tender that he wore on the day of our interview was also styled like in a very Kogi way. “It’s very easy to incorporate military inspired wear. Rather than matching C.P. COMPANY’s clothes to the street, I’d rather wear them with leather shoes that give me a feeling of elegance. Therefore, I think it’s perfect to create a silhouette that is not too loose and just right.

日本を代表する稀代のファッションキュレーターである小木基史さん。セレクトショップ「UNITED ARROWS & SONS」のディレクションや、「2G」のファッションディレクションを手がけ、世界中のコアなファッション好きから常に動向が注目される人物だ。


そんな小木さんが好きなスタイルの1つ、“パニナリ”がC.P. COMPANYの印象として強いと言う。「80年代にイタリアの若者が、アメリカのカルチャーに影響を受け、カジュアルブランドを好んで着たのがパニナリです。アメリカンカジュアルベースの中に、C.P. COMPANYの服を着ていたこともあり、その印象が強いですね」。工場が充実し、腕の良い職人が多いイタリアが持つ服作りのクオリティ。そこに80年代、アメリカのカジュアルが入り、影響を受けて生まれ始めたイタリアのカジュアルファッション。「カジュアルな服の魅力と、イタリアの技術が合わさった瞬間です。そこで生まれたブランドの1つであるC.P. COMPANYは、日本のファッション関係者にとっても影響を受けました。今でこそ、イタリア発のストリートブランドが世界的にも人気を得ていますが、その理由には、ストリートのアイディアとイタリアのクオリティが兼ね備わっていることです。その先駆者の1人が、C.P. COMPANYの創業者マッシモ・オスティだと思っています」。

アメリカとイタリアの服作りが組み合わさる歴史的な瞬間は、ドレスとストリートの追求をテーマとする小木さんにとっても特別な思いがあるようだ。この日着たMilitary Tenderのシリーズも小木さんらしさのあるコーディネートでまとめた。「ミリタリーモチーフのウエアは、取り入れやすいですよね。僕は、C.P. COMPANYの服をストリートに合わせるというよりも、革靴で合わせて品の良さを感じるコーディネートで着たいと思っています。なので、シルエットがルーズすぎることなく適度なところが良いと思っていますね」。


DJ / Composer

From his collaboration with a fashion brand and producing runway music for a Paris collection, to being selected in Tom York’s playlist, Mars89 has recently become a hot topic of conversation, especially in the underground music scene in Tokyo. He is a DJ and composer who is deeply connected with the fashion scene. There was a time when he originally dreamed of becoming a fashion designer. “When I was studying fashion, I was influenced by a designer named Aitor Throup. I felt like he was using the functionality of fashion design as an expression for beauty beyond practicality, and I was attracted to his ultimate functional clothes. It was C.P. COMPANY that Aitor Throup used to collaborate with, and that was my first introduction to C.P. COMPANY. “

Whether it’s his release from the Bristol-based record label “Bokeh Version” or meeting many British people, Mars89 has many connections with British culture. C.P. COMPANY is loved by British counter-culture and seems to have been recognised as cool clothes. “ I usually enjoy wearing C.P. COMPANY and my British friends love it. I like brands that have a strong cultural background. I think it’s amazing to be a brand that is still deeply loved by various cultures. The clothes themselves are durable and well-made, and the colours of the clothes for this season are really nice as well. I usually don’t wear flashy colours, but I thought it would be nice to wear these colourful tops. I’d like to wear it with a tight look, like rebellious men do in Europe. It seems that these electric and slightly gothic elements make up his fashion and music tastes. “I like things that have philosophical and speculative elements, such as novels by Phillip .K. Dick and Keikaku Ito, and movies like them.” That kind of musicality fills his home as well as his studio, where he produces his music. As he says “I didn’t mean to go into the music industry, but I found myself here after doing what I love.” His deep curiosity of searching for good things is the reason why he has become an important figure in the music scene.

某ファッションブランドとのコラボレーションやパリコレクションのランウェイ音源制作、トム・ヨークのプレイリストに選出されるなど、東京のアンダーグラウンドミュージックシーンを中心に近頃、話題の尽きないMars89。DJでありComposerとして活動する彼は、前述の通り音楽家でありながら、ファッションシーンとの繋がりが深い。それもそのはずで、元々はファッションデザイナーを目指した時期もあったようだ。「ファッションの勉強をしていた時に特に影響を受けていたのがAitor Throupというデザイナーです。彼は、ファッションデザインにおける機能性を実用的な部分を超えて美しさを求める上での表現として使っているような感じがして、そういったエクストリームな機能服に惹かれていました。そんなAitor Throupが昔コラボレーションをしていたのがC.P. COMPANY。そこで初めてC.P. COMPANYを知りました」。

イギリス・ブリストル拠点のレコードレーベル“Bokeh Version”からリリースしているという繋がりもあり、イギリス人との交流も多いMars89。イギリスのカウンターカルチャーにも愛された文化を持つC.P. COMPANYは、やはり同国のアンダーグラウンドな音楽仲間たちにとって、クールな服として認知されていたようだ。「普段も好んでC.P. COMPANYを着ているんですが、やはりイギリスの友人たちからはウケが良いですね。自分が着る服としても、文化的な背景がしっかりしているブランドが好きで。今でもカルチャーに根強く愛されるブランドというのはすごいと思う。服のクオリティ自体もタフで丁寧ですし、今回の服は発色も良いですね。自分は普段、あまり派手な色味を着ることは少ないんですが、こういった発色の良いトップスを挿し色で取り入れるのは良いなと思いました。タイト目にEUエリアの不良っぽいサイズ感で着たいですね。」。


Masaho Anotani


Masaho Anotani is a Japanese artist who produces work in a variety of mediums including painting, collage, photography and three-dimensional work. We photographed him wearing two types of C.P. COMPANY Nyber jackets, which feature water-resistant fabrics and unique colors achieved through garment dyeing.

“I first got to know C.P.COMPANY from my brother and I thought the unique colors and the goggles attached to the jacket were interesting.”

The context of Anotani’s unique use of color in his artwork makes for a natural harmony between him and the jackets. As evident in the pictures, the unique colors of the jackets fit Anotani’s unique color palette and he immediately makes them his own. 

“I record my emotions when I have an experience that cant’t be put into words and have no other outlet besides expressing them in my work and sharing them with someone. I just want to express my joy with the fun I have.”

Since last year, Anotani has been working on a projects at his new atelier in Yokosuka, Kanagawa prefecture, which is known for its unique atmosphere as a U.S Navy base.

“I like the color blue. The clothes I wear on a daily basis tend to also be blue. As I was walking around Yokosuka wearing C.P. COMPANY today, I was reminded of how much blue colors the physical structure of the city. These clothes are a good match with the hues of this city.”

Anotani often goes to a seaside park a little way from central Yokosuka, where he enjoys fishing and gaining inspiration from the sea and trees that fill the area. “The leaves sway when the wind blows through the trees. Small moments like that also serve as inspiration for my work. This piece of patchwork is wearable and it’s made by stitching up fragments of different fabrics. I used old textiles that I have a special attachment to like my dad’s old shirts and the fabrics I bought at the market back when I used to live in Amsterdam. I look to continue to add to this work in progress.”

ペインティングやコラージュをはじめ、写真や立体作品など様々な表現で作品を生み出すアーティスト、安野谷昌穂。彼に耐水性のある生地とガーメントダイによる独特な発色が特徴のC.P. COMPANYのNyberを2型着用してもらい撮影を決行した。

「C.P. COMPANYは、兄が着ているのを見て知ったブランド。独特なカラーリングとレンズのデザインが面白いと思っていました」。




「ブルーは好きな色です。実際に自分が着る洋服もブルー系の色味は多い。今日、C.P. COMPANYを着て横須賀の街を歩き、改めて思ったのは、この街にはブルーが多いということ。この服と街の色味がマッチしている」。




Creative Director  Takayasu Yamada

Editor & Producer  Shohei Kawamura